Malaysia Visa

5 things to keep in mind before applying for Malaysian Visa

Things to keep in mind before applying for a Malaysian tourist visa:

1: Please mention clearly your purpose of visit on the application form.

2: Download application form from website and affix photograph on your completed form before submitting it to the consulate.

3: Following are the main documents which you need to have before you apply for the visa. Go through the entire checklist here.

a) Passport should be valid for at least 6 months upon arrival in Malaysia.

b) Please ensure three complete blank pages in the passport for the purpose of visa stamping and approval. (Applicants applying from North, East and South India) (Two blank pages in passports for Applicants applying in Ahmedabad, Pune & Mumbai)

c) Recent photograph 3.5 cm * 5cm 60% — 70% face appearance in white background only.-(For applicants applying in North, East and south India)

d) Recent photographs for applicants applying in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Pune. The specification of the photograph required would be 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm 70% of face appearance with clear view of neck and shoulders along with white background

e) Confirmed returned air-ticket with flight details and E-ticket no. (Original and copy).

4: It takes around a week to process the visa, depending on the location

5: There is Malaysia Visa on Arrival for Indian citizens. Following are the conditions for the same.

a) Entering Malaysia from Singapore / Thailand only;

b) Entering via KLIA / LCCT / Penang Airport / Sinai Airport / Kuching Airport / Kota Kinabalu Airport only;

c) Fee of USD100

d) Carrying minimum of USD1000 in cash;

e) Valid visa for Singapore / Thailand with valid return ticket;

f) Only 7 day’s period of stay.


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