(3) Distraction — The enemy of growth


Noise is the enemy of success, specifically all those things that happen around your world that cause you to take your focus off of your primary purpose.

This is especially challenging if like me you suffer from any form of attention disorder´ where your mind floats through multiple subjects on a moment by moment basis let alone the normal distractions that most people endure from everyday life like work e-mail, wive’s, husband’s or children's demands for your attention, let alone the constant juggling of your personal finances.

Distractions truly are the enemy of our success, they stop us from focusing 100% on our mission and it really does have to be a ‘mission’ in your mind or you simply will not follow through on your plan of action.

There is a saying in the personal business development world (care of the magnificent Tony Robbins) that where focus goes energy flows a truism that many people may have heard before, but do not fully take on board the magnitude of its meaning. I would like to encourage you to stop for a moment while reading this and think for a minuet about what this really means…

To me energy is the thing that makes up all of reality, in fact if you’ve ever studied or dipped your toe into the world of quantum physics you´ll know that absolutely everything in the universe is made up of vibrating energy, even solid things like rock are at an atomic level simply vibrating energy all be it vibrating at an incredibly low frequency, while things like plants and living entities like you and I have a much higher frequency of energy vibration.

Quantum theorists also believe that even our thoughts are an energy being nothing more than electrical signals between synapses, which if you think about it long enough is a mind blowing notion, and lays the proof behind scientists belief that thoughts can and do indeed become things…

A simple example of thoughts becoming things is the invention of the iPhone, it began life as a thought in the minds of a bunch of people at Apple, specifically…. “What if… your mobile device could…”

The what if we could do (X) notion, has been the starting point of absolutely every invention ever created by man, thus proving that thoughts really do become things..

Now it also has to be said and noted that just about every major breakthrough in technology and to a degree in medicine was once thought to be impossible by the majority who thought these revolutionaries were were not only wrong but stark staring mad.

Dyson for example is the man that arguably re-invented the vacuum cleaner, spent years and almost every penny he had pursuing his belief that he could bring a new type of vacuum cleaner to market, he risked bankruptcy and even his marriage in the single minded belief that he could make his vision become a reality.

I´m certainly not saying that you are going to have to go to this level of risk and total tunnel vision to make your dream become a reality but I absolutely guarantee you, that in order to succeed in changing your life circumstances, you are going to have to cut the level of distractions you are currently allowing into your life.

I´m a little embarrassed to say that I´ve lost count of the number of people I have mentored 1–2–1 or who have attended my personal business development courses over the years, but what I can tell you is that there are those who attend and there are those who really ‘listen’, take on board the learning’s and then make the unequivitable decision to commit to taking action to make something extraordinary happen.

In the personal business development industry there is a name for those who regularly appear at all of the personal growth seminars but never go on to actually do anything of substance with the knowledge that they’ve learnt, they´re called ‘course junkies’, they buy into the dream of one day earning all of the money that will arrive at their door overnight from having learn´t what the fast talking guy on the stage said would be an absolute cert if they bought their course that day. The shame of it is that very few who invest in their courses actually make anything like the money these guys purport to them being able to earn, which I truly think is a terrible, terrible shame as it really is possible to turn an ordinary life into an extraordinary one far quicker than people realise.

The Blueprint for a business that works

The fact of the matter is, there really is a tangible blueprint for success and how to create a business that works, one that if learnt and more importantly applied will eventually result in a life style that is extraordinary on every level (We´ll cover that a little later on in the book).

I´ll be honest here and say that the blueprint for success is far from being any kind of secret, in fact there are a vast number of characters ranging from famous entrepreneurs to the get rich quick seminar leaders that will teach you the exact same formula I will shortly give you for free here in this book.

My point is that learning the formula for success is only one part of the jigsaw, granted it is a major part but still only one of the components.

The ‘part’ of the picture that differentiates the winners from the losers is the intangible piece of the jigsaw, the piece that you have almost definitely heard said by so many people before it is your ‘mind set’, the focus and habits that are uncommon amongst the many but used by 100% of the super successful.

I think it´s worth stopping for a moment to understand first, what the traits and habits are of normal everyday hardworking people and compare exactly what the difference really is between their perspectives and those of the super successful.

Regular folks maintain ordinary lives because they

· Never set aside time purely for themselves ‘to be’ & to think!

· They fail to make ‘themselves’ a priority

· They allow other people´s urgencies to become their emergencies

· They don´t commit to a time based mile stone driven plan of action

· They don´t believe that they can actually ‘achieve’ their goals

· They don´t maintain a consistent learning mindset

· They don’t have a personal mentor or associate on a regular basis with success minded people

Successful people on the other hand have a completely different mindset, just about every super successful person I’ve ever met or have spent time with have a very similar mindset when it comes to achieving their goals and maintaining their life style

· They know with absolute clarity what their purpose in life is

· They have a vivid image in their mind of what they want to achieve

· They know exactly what the next step is on their journey to their goals

· They never ever allow distractions to deviate them from their mission.

· They are incredibly resourceful at finding solutions to any challenges that come their way.

· They are fantastic at focusing on the big things that matter and delegating the detail to others.

· They never, ever give up until the job is achieved, no matter what

In wrapping up this introduction chapter, I would like you to consider for a moment, the things that are really important to YOU, and how certain parts of your mindset are likely to be in both of the sets of traits and perspective mentioned above.

I’ll also say to you that at this stage it really doesn´t matter that you may have a foot in each camp so to speak, as you will (I guarantee you) gradually move to a mindset that is completely based on the second description as you move through this book and through your own journey to your version of what success and an extraordinary life is to you.

What I really want to punctuate before we begin our journey to Finding your path to success, is that you are the important one here it´s all about YOU and YOUR journey and is bugger all to do with anyone else or as my old friend Caroline says (you´ll meet her later) “You’re the boss of you”

Tomorrow… we begin ‘Finding YOUR PURPOSE’