National Museum

We visited the National Museum last May 26 2016 so this is me and my classmate Restton Cortes

“Bahay Kubo”

by Vicente Silva Manansala, Watercolor on paper

This is the home of our early filipinos because we can’t afford to have a full cement house because we are a tropical country, as a Filipino I am proud that we have a bahay kubo because this bahay kubo reprents us and our unity and it is called “bayanihan” in the early age.

Travail Immigree, Kalutasan

by Edgar Talusan Fernandez, Acrylic on Canvas

The definition of Travail Immigree a difficult experience or situation, so for me I felt that the artist experienced a difficult experience or situation. I learned that every problem can result to a good thing like this art, because if he doesn’t experienced that he maybe can’t produce this beautiful message or painting.

The Master and the Servant

by Benedicto R. Cabrera, Acrylic on canvas

The artwork shows the inequality of the human race, for me it is okay to have a helper at home but it shows at the artwork that the “master” can’t show respect to his helper therefore respect to each other is the key to equality.

Planting of the First Cross

by Vicente Silva Manansala, Oil on Canvas

For me the artwork shows the faith of the people. I learned that don’t lose your faith to God


by Vicente Silva Manansala, Oil on canvas

For me it shows friendship, I believed that no man is an island, everybody needs someone/a friend

Unicorn Gray

by Dave Aquino, Pastel on paper

The artwork shows that life is colorful it just depends on the people how to color it. I learned that you need to appreciate little things and to be conteded on what you have.

These are some of my snaps at the Museum

We enjoyed exploring the National Musem!!

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