The fields are covered in blood. This liquid, which not so long ago ran through the veins of living beings, drips from the trees and bushes. The grass is not green anymore. Nothing is the colour it previously was before this madness occurred. This thick and dark red - almost black - congealed death mess runs down the cratered, ruined streets. There are bodies everywhere I look. Animals of various descriptions, most of which I cannot identify because they are in grotesque pieces, lay scattered in every direction.

Then there are the bloated bodies of people - men, women, and children, although I'd have to do a lot of guesswork if I really wanted to find out which was which. I do not wish to do so. I shudder although the day is still hot. Smoke billows from so many places wherever I look, and fires surround me.

If all about me is not horrific enough I spy a couple of children kneeling down in front, or behind, (it's impossible to tell) some long dead, and massacred, animal which I cannot distinguish. It is a large beast though. These children, who can be no more than ten years old, are eating from this decaying animal's flesh. I recoil as if I have just been shot. There are wild animals roaming the streets and fields. Everything alive appears to be hungry - extremely hungry, even dangerously so. There is so much death here, and the smell revolts my every sense.

All around me there are huge snarling dogs, rats as big as cats, and various other creatures which I cannot identify because they don't friggin' exist, for fuck's sake! Not in the world I know.

'Calm down!'

I tell myself, although I am anything but calm. I must be in shock, but close to complete breakdown, it appears.


I hear my own voice echo around the bombed to pieces buildings of whatever shithole town I have suddenly appeared in. My voice sounds loud, frightened, and close to hysterical.

Everybody I know must be dead. I am thinking this because why else would I be walking aimlessly through this freak-show all alone if they were not?

One of the filthy children stops feeding from the rancid beast beside him, or her, (it's impossible to tell) and turns towards me. It smiles nastily, then sneers, and hisses, and I see the sharpest teeth I have ever seen on any creature of that size. It starts to get up. Obviously I appear to be a much better prospect for food than the carcass the other child continues to gnaw on. I am alive. I am prey. I am in serious trouble.

'But it's a child for Christ sake', I think.

Then why am I so frightened? This hellish It-child isn't human. It's also fucking dangerous. I find myself running, and I have absolutely no idea where I am running to. I also feel extremely tired - exhausted even. To my immense horror I feel myself running in slow motion - almost backwards. In contrast, this monstrous midget, now joined by it's foul companion, is moving both quickly and silently. They will be upon me in mere seconds - less perhaps.

There is nothing I feel I can do but then suddenly I remember I was a soldier. Hopefully I was an officer so I may have a pistol upon my person. Instinctively I reach for the weapon that may save me. Yes, there it is. I pull my sidearm from it's holster and hope, and pray to whatever God may still be alive in this hell on earth (if indeed this is still earth), that the damned thing is loaded. I turn and point at one of the savage little devils. Two crisp shots ring out and with deep satisfaction I see that both bullets have hit the closest beast in the chest and head. Half of it's face blows away from it's skull. There is also a massive hole where the bastard's heart should be.

But the possessed thing keeps coming, and the other one is almost upon me. I squeeze three more shots off and watch the second demon's head blow completely off into red mist and pieces. But still they come. And then they are upon me. They are eating me alive for fuck's sake. The pain is indescribable. I am being eaten alive by friggin' kids. This is not right. I lash out even as I'm dying and connect with some soft rotting part of one of these fuckers. It's to no avail. My final thought is pathetic.

'Shit! I think I left the oven on!'

And just like that I wake up.

But only directly Into another nightmare.

(To Be Continued)...

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