“DEAR EX-MUSLIMA” — A Regressive Leftist Response to the Pakistani Woman’s Letter to Ben Affleck

In defense of the soft bigotry of Low Expectations and Multicultural Relativism

By D. Arth Regressor

“Authors” note: The far Right seems to excel at political gamesmanship** because of its unabashed employment of ‘straight talk’. This often appeals to people’s Darwinian attraction to ‘strength’ and ‘assertion’, and gives many of them an unfair advantage when they argue with blunt passion rather than with logic. We on the Left like Fairness (#fairness), so let’s even things out. Imagine for a moment if you were to combine the brutish, unfiltered, tactless blunt honesty of Donald Trump … with a Regressive Leftist. Well, you get….me. I am literally the only honest Regressive you will ever meet. Learn. Read on. Enjoy.

**games(wo)man(womyn)ship — corrected NewSpelling suggestions

Dear Nonwhite Dissident striving to join the 21st Century,

It’s been over a year since the infamous Real Time with Bill Maher episode with Sam Harris and Ben Affleck.

The following is in response to “An open letter to Ben Affleck,” by Eiynah, Pakistan Today, October 25, 2014 (thanks to Anne Crockett), in which she stated,

My honest, unfiltered response is written below.

A Regressive Reply: Dear Muslima (or ex-Muslima),

Unlike most Regressives, I will claim the term. I will be forward with you, and honest. I only stand up for women in privileged Western cultures, and side with feminists only against white privilege. Oppressed women in other cultures and societies must be ignored and tossed off the agenda, because it is too important to respect non-Western ‘exotic’ cultures. Our Femynist logic is Intersectional and wondrous: we must continually echo the reality of Western privilege, but repress efforts to speak on behalf of less privileged women who are silenced by their own cultures … while enjoying our privilege to engage in feminism in a free and privileged society we despise.

Please understand — White Oppression / Western Oppression is the only form of oppression that is allowed to be directly attacked and scrutinized in any honest way. Don’t come to us asking for help — we’re too busy attacking mom-and-pop stores for not selling contraception. If you are born into a non-white or non-Western culture and are oppressed by it, too bad — you must learn to enjoy it and embrace it and assimilate into it, so that we white Leftists and feminist supporters won’t feel awkwardly racist. Our sense of our own non-racism and our non-racist image is literally more important than your suffering and your attempts to escape rape, wife-beating, female genital mutilation, honor killings, acid attacks, and shame and ostracism and occasional violence or death for leaving your faith or speaking out against your own culture. That is a privilege reserved for US, not for you.

If you are born into Islamic cultures, sorry but you are f**ked. (We only pretend to care about Muslims because we like the dopamine rush and sense of security, self-concept and identity it gives us). We won’t stand up for you, even if you claim asylum after fleeing for your life for speaking out against your own culture and for daring to enjoy the privilege of feminism. Don’t ask us for help or to vouch for your asylum. That’s the job of people like Sam Harris and Bill Maher, not of actual Left-wing feminism. Don’t try it. Supporting women who are fleeing for their lives from hate crimes within Islamic societies might fan Islamophobia and elicit more hate crimes — so we must ignore hate crime to prevent hate crime. Duh#socialjustice#intersectional femynism. Open atheism is a ‘hipster’ fad, a privilege for Our People, not yours. If you ever taste these privileges, it will not be because of us. We say to women in Muslim societies what many Diehard Republicans say to the poor in America: “not our problem. That’s why charity exists.” So…unless you happen to be escaping White Oppression, then the Underground Railroad is not for you. Once again, go back to your cultural Owners and Know your Role

Feminists from ‘non-white’ cultures which happen to be Muslim — places like Pakistan, Iran or Syria — who try to join our privileged club of Western feminism and dare to controversially or directly criticize the culture they felt oppressed by, must be shouted down and branded ‘Uncle Toms’ and ‘House Muslims’. Only activists in white cultures are allowed to criticize their own culture. This is a privilege reserved for us, not for nonWesterners. The ‘browner’ and more ‘exotic’ your religion or culture, the less privilege you are allowed to exhibit on our campuses and media without swift reprisal by personal attacks and informal censorship. If this feels incredibly insidious, heartless, soulless, cowardly, narcissistic, ego-affirming, shallow, racist and Regressive…that’s because it is.


D. Arth (AKA Mister / Myster ‘Multicultural Regressor’ AKA “Darth Regressor”)

PS — I may be visiting your wonderful country soon with a group of activists I met in a charity ball, and we will be enjoying the exotic scenery in select locations and staying in a nice spot in the elite city capital, where we will be learning more about the multicultural coexistence in the most educated locales (which all happen to be Westernized, but that’s an unpleasant co-incidence). Do you know any good select 4-star hotels with gourmet cuisine direct-to-door delivery? Thank you again — MCR aka D


Non-Satirical Side Note: The following is a fictional letter by John Kirbow, an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, world traveler as well as culture and language enthusiast, with a decade of disillusionment with how dissidents in non-Western cultures are neglected by many in the West. John speaks (non-native, less-than classically fluent) Arabic and Farsi, and to a lesser extent, Pashto (South & East Afghanistan) and Urdu (Pakistan), and is strongly familiar with and supportive of peaceful Muslims. This letter is not to suggest that most Muslims are ‘the oppressors’, but rather, that substantial problems exist within Islamic societies that need to be honestly addressed. Not by attacking Muslims as people but by addressing the consequences of ideas and beliefs. This ‘letter’ is written from the perspective of a (fictively named) Regressive Leftist (as opposed to a true liberal), in response to a Pakistani woman who wrote Ben Affleck a letter after a widely-viewed conflict with Sam Harris and Bill Maher (this letter does not attribute any of its ‘views’ to Affleck, though!). In the original letter, the author encouraged us all to be brave enough to criticize bad religious ideas. This fictional ‘response letter’ illustrates the double standards of the ‘Regressive Left’ — a subset of (pseudo)liberals who are so fearful of political correctness, that they often fail to support the ‘minority within the minority’, such as women and non-Muslims living under Islam.