A Constructive Reply to Milo by an Army Information Warfare Veteran

Lessons from tribal engagement in war zones can help us understand how to engage fellow Americans here at home. I offer a critique to Milo and his approach to engaging the Left.

Why University subculture harms our efforts against propaganda and extremism— and why Professors like Dr. Boghossian can help

A Proposal for our Leaders to Support Voices of Reason, Science, Women’s Rights and Secular Freedoms across Islamic Societies

Creating a Productive Schism for Reform and Change within the American Conservative Movement

Part 1. Responsibly discussing ‘PC Culture’, and finding solace amidst our toxic divide

Below, the “PC” 2x2 Table, part of the Venn Diagram Drinking Game.

Part One — The Ancestor’s Hardship

Image: http://i.imgur.com/eoBjh1a.png

The phraseology I use above — “The Ancestor’s hardship” — is a nod to the title of a classic book by Richard Dawkins called The Ancestors Tale, about the evolutionary journey of our primal predecessors across the harsh landscape of nature and Darwinian selection, as they adapted and found survival, paving the way for us to be here today to read about it. Contrary to some of the myths that some in our younger generation entertain today, the idea that hunter-gatherers from hundreds of thousands of years ago were somehow living a more compassionate, civil and peaceful life than we…

How an MMA Approach to Political and Social Issues Can Change the World

Links: www.philaathenaeum.org/groups.html; http://brooking-roger.wixsite.com/ptsc/single-post/2015/03/13/Qualitative-analysis-of-Brazilian-JiuJitsu-What-the-science-is-telling-us-about-the-physiological-needs-for-BJJ

The key difference between a fantasy-based system and a reality-based system is its willingness to change and adapt, and its ability to pit itself against the resistance of the real world. This is where science — as well as mixed martial arts and Jujitsu — excel, and where American politics and ideology fail. This contrast is as stark as it is revealing — revealing of why the former areas function so well, and the latter so poorly.

Exploring this further might actually be the key to fundamentally…

How the Left can Evolve, Grow, and Ultimately Improve our Discourse

Image: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/597MXS3IHbw/maxresdefault.jpg

I want to start off with a bold and perhaps unpopular statement.

The resistance to acknowledging problems and shortcomings within our own political tribe is one of our societies single biggest problems. Reversing this trend should become an entire project in and of itself, as diligent as anything we are doing to make the world a better place.

I write this letter as a response to a common argument I hear by many on the Left who seem unwilling to openly talk about problems within their own movement. In summary, their argument tends to go as follows:

“Why should we…

Image credit: https://timryan.house.gov/sites/timryan.house.gov/files/styles/congress_featured_image/public/featured_image/issues/criminal-justice-system-reform_0.jpg?itok=04NSLUr_

Person A. “Check your privilege! You’ve never been oppressed a single day in your life!”

Person B. “Fuck you! You’re a social justice warrior, and I’m not falling bait to your Leftist ideology. I wont apologize for who I am as a human being — stop reducing me by my race and gender!”

Person A. “You don’t even care about justice, do you? Oh my GOD, why can’t you just fucking acknowledge that you’ve lived your whole life in a system that benefits you, and hurts others! You’re a shitlord and Right winger. I don’t talk to oppressors. BYE”


A clarification on what such a movement does and does not stand for.

An Opening Note to the Reader. As an opening note to the reader, I cannot speak for everyone who identifies with the New Center. This is my best attempt to capture its core values and ideas. This is not an official ‘manifesto’ or anything representing an organization. It is merely my unofficial take on the movement — what its best ideas and minds actually stand for, and what the term ‘New Center’, on the whole, should stand for. …

John Kirbow

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