Wow, somehow you manage to both condemn and exhibit juvenile twitiness in one post.
Bradley Cunningham

Talking to me, Bradley? Like many Clinton-hating snipes, you think you know what others are thinking or know. I know what the emails are about. Out of thousands of innocuous ones, a tiny handful showed some DNC members had a bias against Bernie. He deserved it in spades, by the way, with his behavior as an entitled “independent.” But emails aren’t action. And none of the things those people suggested doing ever happened. What did happen is that he couldn’t win any states except almost all-white ones with caucuses and low delegate counts. In the large, diverse states, she handed his head to him on a platter. Can’t handle it, Bradley? Get your own blog and see if you can string even two coherent sentences together. I wish you luck, because your knowledge of current events is abysmal. I’ve wasted enough time on you. 10–4.

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