Andela ALC17: How I have benefited and have become a proud android developer.

Creating Android applications has been become better, started my internet journey in 2012 till date, each step has been moving me closer to exactly where I belong, beginning from my first programming language HTML, all the way to the basics of PHP, JAVASCRIPT and CSS, in 2015 I changed lanes to learning the most prominent programming language JAVA (object oriented programming), each step has not been easy but it has taken me closer to my greatest achievement in life.
My utmost encounter was when I joined Google Developers Group (GDG Minna), sincerely I met the Right people at the Right time with the Right motives with the same goal, in 2016 I took a step into learning the world’s most popular mobile OS (Android applications), it became much better when I was given a scholarship by ANDELA Android Learning Community; an initiative made possible by UDACITY, GOOGLE and ANDELA. I just got what I wanted, learning what it’s needed to be learned to be an android developer.
The Journey was not easy as this write-up might depict it but it was worth it. All went well and found help majorly from our organizers Isaac Marcus 
Olorunishola Habeeb and also from the Andela Slack channel, truly it was splendid.
All thanks to Andela and special shout out to NC 9 Andela Team, GDG Minna, Niger state, the Sky will be our limit.

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