and where is the evidence that shows we collectively use these “time savings” to pursue what’s…
barb dybwad

Where’s the evidence we’re not? Free time is liquid, you can use it for anything, and if someone uses it for trivialities that’s on them, but don’t blame Bite Squad for them wasting their additional bought time. History is full of time saving inventions transforming the world (railroads, airplanes, washing machines even), and I believe collectively the inventions happening now have that potential.

Its also not fair to characterize it as pawning off trivial work to others. The people taking these jobs aren’t choosing between delivering burritos and curing cancer. They’re choosing between not working or working some menial service job with inflexible hours, and a job that can fit around their life and let them make room for their kids, or night school. There are much bigger implications than the obvious surface effects for what is happening now in tech.

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