A History of Rage
Brian E. Denton

I’m with Mike Turso on this, that our sympathies have to be with Natasha. It would be absurd in our times to conclude, like Pierre, that “all women are alike”, equally absurd to think there’s something particularly “sluttish” about Natasha.(Whatever that particular word means.) Tolstoy has made it plain that that’s not the story here.

Pierre says he’s not the only one married to a “nasty woman” - “гадкая женщина” (with echoes of Trump’s idiosyncratic lexical categories).

The historical difference is what stands out most here. A 21st century reader mostly is going to be pro-women. We want Natasha to live in a world where her choices aren’t any less valid than Andrei’s, where the girls get to travel to Italy and Scotland, and women seal peace treaties. Where gender doesn’t determine your chances of self-realisation. Where you can flirt a bit and kiss at parties without it ruining your life.