Why This Radical Leftist is Disillusioned by Leftist Culture
Bailey Lamon

CW: brief mention of abusers & rapists

“Folks, do the world a favour…stop with the safe spaces and trigger warnings, and get serious about changing the world.” — these things are not mutually exclusive; part of the point of safe spaces and trigger warnings is to change the world for the better. Plenty of folks who didn’t go to college, or are homeless etc. actually benefit from these things. I’m a person who never graduated college (at a cheap ass school you’ve never heard of).

Personally, I appreciate the fuck out of our improving ability to describe the systems of oppression that have fucked us over for centuries and/or millenia. Yeah, you’re right sometimes people abuse the fact that they’ve got a better handle on some of these concepts than others. But the shit (systems of oppression) that those concepts articulate is worse. And yeah ‘regular folks’ who are often/generally oppressed themselves, in turn reproduce oppressions that they don’t face (and sadly, occasionally ones they do).

This include some houseless folks who hung out at a job I had for years. Yeah they’re focused on survival, most of them managed to focus on that without compromising the safer space that they were hanging out in. (The Red & Black Cafe in Portland, RIP) A few of these folks were misogynists who we warned to knock it off before we 86ed them. Several folks, housed and unhoused, who we knew to be abusive assholes and/or rapists, we also 86ed. This kept the space safer for survivors than if we had just been all: “you know pretty much all these folks are either working class or literally living on the streets, let’s cut them some slack on the fact that they harass and or rape people.” Your quip about the world being an unsafe place completely misses the point: we need to watch out for each other’s safety BECAUSE of that shit. It’s not about ‘sheltering’ ourselves, it’s about confronting and disrupting the things that oppress us and our friends.