Don’t Let Trump Bomb His Way Out of this One

Photo Credit: US Government Official Release

Donald Trump is trying to hypnotize the country and it might be working. Today I read pieces of a Tim Ferriss (The 4 Hour Work Week etc.) interview with Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert. Apparently, Adams predicted that Trump would win the Republican nomination based on something he did at an early debate. This was the one where Megyn Kelly went after him for his terrible comments about women. Now, conventional wisdom says this should have sunk the Trump boat. This is where the hypnotism comes in.

Instead flat out denying and accepting the premise of the argument, Trump said “Only Rosie O’Donnell.”

What this did was provide an anchor point for people listening to fix in their minds. It also happened to be a person that his base had an unfavorable opinion of already. He took the negative story and admitted to it in a way that was dismissive. This happens to be a key law of power in the other book I’m reading. Which I’ve spoken of before and will go into more detail about later. After this debate and this show of power, Fox News capitulated to the Trump train and got on board, sealing his eventual victory.

Until the strike in Syria the dominant story has been Trump and his campaign’s connection to Russia. Now we’re talking about the ramifications of military action and the nature of the Syrian civil war as if these are suddenly new topics.

It seems like that a number of news sources are once again confusing a decisive action only the President can perform with “becoming Presidential”. The bar is so low for the current commander in chief that anything that so much as smells like a President is lauded. It happened after Trump managed to give a speech without riffing into crazy town during the “don’t call it a State of the Union” speech. It’s happening now.

Set aside the fact that only America could unilaterally explode ordinance in another country and get pats on the back for it. How are people not seeing this for what it is, a publicity stunt?

Reportedly, the airbase Trump hit is back in operation. The Russians were informed before our congress. Which was smart to avoid World War 3: The Final Chapter. But Obama wanted to do a similar bombing run in 2013 but Congress said no. Trump didn’t bother with that this time around despite having a much friendlier delegation.

The timing is too convenient. The bombing seems like the military equivalent of a slap on the wrist. The angered response seems too milquetoast. Even if this event was totally above board it doesn’t change anything about what happened during the election. The worst are people who think that this strike suddenly proves Trump’s innocence.

Guess what, if I rob my friend’s house that doesn’t mean we weren’t friends in the past. It just means we’re not on great terms right now. No, this absolves Trump and crew of nothing in my mind. The whole strike on Syria has too many of the hallmarks of his special brand of bullshit. Secretive, rushed, and connected to Russia. During the debate, probably the worst outcome was a bunch of nasty memes about Rosie O’Donnell. This time around it could easily lead to many innocent deaths. Not like there haven’t been enough already.

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