Keep your face to the sunshine & you can never see the shadow…

Keep your face to the sunshine & you can never see the shadow. ~ Helen Keller

It’s hard to imagine truer words.

There is SO much sunshine in life.

Sadly, so many people live in the shadows.

Past regret, past failure, past mistakes.

Fire Nation, it’s time to step out of the shadows.

It’s time to release your past.

It’s time to look forward.

It’s time to live for TODAY.

Regret is ALL you’ll have if you remain in the shadows.

Helen Keller knew it, and look at the lives she inspired, and continues to inspire today through quotes like this!

Regret is a cancer that will rot you from within if you let it.

Key words: If YOU let it.


Are YOU going to let it?

How about NO!

Face the sunshine Fire Nation, I assure you it’s warm, welcoming, and THE place to be!


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