There are 5 reasons you’ll WIN in 2017

#4. You’ll create a Funnel that CONVERTS

When you bring leads into your universe, whether via social media, email, Podcasting etc…what is the JOURNEY you’re taking them on?

Are you creating MASSIVE value to increase your know/like/trust?

Are you recommending products and services that will elevate their business and life to the next level?

If yes, you’re CRUSHING a funnel.

If no, you’re missing out on a HUGE opportunity.

Our EOFire funnels bring in over 50k in revenue a month, and some months well over 100k.

Best part?

Once you create your funnel and set it in motion, it becomes quite passive.

Every day people are joining the first level of our funnels, and a certain % are filtering their way through to our paid products like Podcasters’ Paradise, The Freedom Journal, The Mastery Journal, etc.

Don’t have paid products yet?

No problemo!

Your funnel can end by offering OTHER peoples products and services, and you’ll get a % of the sale, and the product creator is responsible for the rest!

Kate and I have created a FREE course for you on Funnels.

Funnel on FIRE

If you get the chance, check out this webinar I hosted with Russell Brunson on funnels last month.

Click Funnels is our #1 recommendation when it comes to YOU investing in an ALL-IN-ONE service to create, grow, and monetize YOUR funnels!



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