We deceive ourselves when we say we have not time…

We deceive ourselves when we say we have not time. Every one has the same amount of time — all the time there is. ~ Ernest C. Wilson

Sing it to me Ernest…all the time there is…love it :-)

Fire Nation, it may not always feel like it, but like me, you have all the time there is.

I’m in AWE of certain Entrepreneurs that seem to be everywhere.

Speaking at conferences, HOSTING their own conferences, launching products, all while traveling the world free as a fiddle.

Hint: We’re only seeing SNAPSHOTS of their life.

Any Entrepreneur who achieves SUSTAINED success has systems and automation’s in place to ensure STUFF gets DONE.

Are you creating systems?

How are your automation’s looking?

There’s no time like the present to fine tune them :-)

Let’s stop deceiving ourselves with the quip ‘If I only had the time.’

After all, you have all the time there is…isn’t that comforting?



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