Why people lose…

Why people lose…they can’t press PUBLISH. ~ John Lee Dumas

As Entrepreneurs, we LOVE getting to the finish line, but never crossing it.

Say WHAT?!

It’s true.

If we never cross the finish line, aka launch, publish, make it real; then our biggest fears can’t come true.

What are those fears?

That ‘IT’ won’t work.

IT is whatever you’re launching.

A Podcast, website, video series, book, course, fill in the blank.

I know this all too well.

Pre-launch of EOFire, everyone told me a daily Podcast would fail.

I knew my dream of a daily show was ALIVE pre-launch, because at that point…who knew what would happen?

So I kept pushing back my launch date, & kept living in my fairyland of ‘what if’.

There’s safety and comfort in that ‘unknown’.

BUT there’s no chance of WINNING, and we’re in this to WIN Fire Nation!

When I FINALLY launched, I won.

But it was scary because I could have lost.

You WILL lose if you never press publish, so DO IT.

Press publish, and IGNITE!


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