Fast translation with Google Translator and MAC OSX
Lukasz Dorosz

Hi Lukasz, I only learnt about automator recently and tried to do this, but could not get it to work. When I add “run applescript” I get the following;

on run {input, parameters}

(* Your script goes here *)

return input

end run

am I supposed to delete all this and replace with your code:

on run {input, parameters} set output to "" & urldecode(input as string) return output end run on urldecode(x) set cmd to "'require \"cgi\"; puts CGI.escape('" do shell script "echo " & quoted form of x & " | ruby -e " & cmd end urldecode

or does it go in the (* your script goes here *) section, and do we need to keep the brackets and asterisks ? I’m guessing and really have no way of troubleshooting as I know nothing about code.

This would be an incredibly cool thing to have as I email and read a lot in Chinese and keep coming across obscure characters I am unlikely to study, and phrases that simply aren’t in standard dictionaries, like the apple dictionary, but that google translate can cope with.

Best regards,


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