The Kids are Socialists Because Capitalism is Dickslapping the Planet
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

I feel old. I’m nearly 50. As a 20 something I backpacked in West Africa and watched East Germans (ever heard of them ?) slowly pretend to build roads for Ghanaians. When you receive aid from Communists you know you are in trouble. 6 months later I went from West Berlin into East Germany, 6 months before unity. Old buildings were fenced off, they suffered WWII damage and had NEVER been rebuilt. The country was poorer than Africa, all countries of which were substantially poorer than at independence, due to wacky socialist policies and the inevitable corruption that follows. Aah, socialism. I guess when the revolution comes and the walls go up to keep people from escaping, Holly will be there with her machine gun shooting people like me. Belorussia, North Korea, Ethiopia, keep the faith and keep people starving. China modifies the system but kills those who oppose, and enriches those with communist party connections, at the expense of everyone else. Holly, If you want to emigrate to North Korea, you would be a celebrity and live like a Queen. maybe you could be a wife or concubine of Kim Jong Yun. You would be the only person to have ever chosen to go INTO a Socialist country. In the 80s we saw not just the Communist dictatorships collapse, but the idea of socialism in the west collapse as well, and as we embraced greater economic freedom, we saw more jobs and more opportunities and a better world emerge. Try reading and travelling, learn something about the world, and give up the absurd rant. We know from history where all forms of socialism lead. We know. We don’t have to imagine, enough of us saw it and lived through it in different countries around the world. Never again. That is why we consigned it to the dustbin of history in the 80’s. Don’t dredge it up now.