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Making Money With No Mojo

A Danger Sign by rawpixel on Unsplash

If you want to see the TL;DR videos, they’re linked at the end of this article.

After several years of existence, crowdfunding is still a relatively new industry. As such, it’s rife with opportunists and scammers trying to find ways to take your money.

In my opinion, this is one of those opportunistic events and I’m going to show you how they’re trying to do it.

This is where it all starts, on the Kickstarter platform, which is considered by many to be trustworthy because of safeguards allegedly in place to watch out for the interests of potential backers of campaigns.

They have a glamorous shot of a city to begin.

It’s a campaign for a technological marvel called VoiceMojo, a device that when put into production will make all of our lives better.

As you can see from those three statements in the screen capture above.

This wonder product is only in prototype form, however. It’s not not in production yet so any claims made for it are at best conjecture and speculation, right?

Amazingly, they have two testimonials to how effective it is, by some people who have allegedly used what should be that prototype: an Italian journalist and a Mexico City secretary.

Take a GOOD look at those head shot photos and what they say they did with the prototype.

We can find Matthias Scappi on LinkedIn at where he used the same identifying photograph. His profile there mentions nothing about being a journalist. This makes me skeptical of Karina being a secretary as well.

Even curiouser, when still frames are taken from the promotional video on Kickstarter:

Do these people seem FAMILIAR to you?

It’s pretty obvious that the couple in the video is the same couple we see in the individual headshots. Something doesn’t add up when you put it all together.

The proposed product — VoiceMojo — is nothing particularly special. It appears to be a Bluetooth microphone that is then paired to a smartphone app that also is under development.

If all the work would be done by the smartphone, can someone please explain the need for a separate device like the VoiceMojo?

..and now, the promised videos:

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