“The Future is Private”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard hype-inducing language at a tech conference — whether it’s about artificial intelligence or the newest mobile camera. Usually, I try to disregard this fluff when I watch the 5-minute summary videos. …

Almost every day I’m hit with a new “enviro-stat” (yes there’s a name for them now). Toilet paper kills 27,000 trees per day. Two-thirds of the great barrier reef is disappearing. While I’m sure that these fun facts are relevant, I often find them unrelatable, inconceivable, and not really that…

It seems like every app is tracking us these days. Facebook analyzes user activity to predict their political affiliation. Waze aggregates user location data to estimate traffic patterns. Almost every day a new fitness app is released that tracks user movement to promote a more healthy lifestyle.

While some data…

John Leyden

I’m an optimistic human who enjoys writing, adventures, and other optimistic humans. johnleyden.com

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