You’re Going to Die
Jessica Semaan

If I asked you where you were last night at 9.00 there could be a dozen places you could say, BUT, now liisten, it is important….there is always just ONE answer that would be true,…right? answer, and so it is always the case, so when the quesion arises WHY do I have to die, there is AGAIN only ONE TRUE ANSWER..and it is so is amazing..and the answer is, because we are all sinners….Oh do I hear all the shutters coming down…oh no, not that old chestnut…the Adam and Eve bit…yes, it is the original answer the only TRUE ONE…rejected by millions of people who interestingly enough, can not produce a single SATISFYING alternative….how can you live so longer and learn NOTHING..have you ever asked yourself if the fruit had not been eaten would they not be alive TODAY????..ask yourself…yes?? of course, and if the account of creation is not true, then WHY DID JESUS CHRIST COME TO EARTH, if it was not to BUY BACK or to redeem the human race from sin and it’s penalty DEATH. If you live a trillion years and spend every second looking for an alternative, you will NEVER EVER find one, which has all the pieces in the right place, like a finished jig saw, it is like Jesus said “you will know The TRUTH, and the TRUTH will set youj FREE.”

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