Start with ground beef (Chuck) that has an 80/20 fat to lean ratio.

Get your meat from a real butcher shop rather than from a common grocery store because I believe the quality will be ever so much better if you do.

Instruct the butcher to run the chuck beef through the grinder only one time. This will produce larger fat globules in the finished hamburger patties and will increase the flavor of the finished burger.

Weigh each hamburger patty on a kitchen scale and make each patty One-Quarter pound ( 4-ounces.). I believe this provides the best meat-to-bun ratio.

Using a fork or an electric hand-held mixer, incorporate the following into each pound of the ground beef before forming the patties:

8 level tablespoons club soda
One rounded tablespoon fine white breadcrumbs.

The addition of the club soda and the bread crumbs is an old trick I learned from a 5-star chef friend years ago.

Press the individual hamburger patties in a hamburger mould. You can buy a hamburger mould at most kitchen stores or online.

Season the moulded meat patties with kosher salt, black pepper and garlic powder. I like the pink-colored coarse-ground salt now available in most stores the best.

Preheat an indoor electric grill to 450-degrees fahrenheit. It is best if you have an electric indoor grill on which both the upper grill plate and the lower grill plate will heat to the same temperature at the same time. I use a “Shaq” grill which I find is excellent for the task. (I am not being compensated for mentioning the SHAQ grill. (You can find it on Amazon.).

When the grill has reached temperature place the meat patties on the bottom grill plate and shut the lid of the grill and let the meat cook for a total of 5 to 6 minutes.

If you are not using this kind of grill and are using a stovetop for cooking then cook the patties for 6 minutes per side at medium high temperature. If you choose this method then it is best to use an iron hamburger weight on the patties while cooking to keep them from forming themselves into a ball rather than a flattened patty.

Another method to prevent the balling up of the meat during cooking is to use a thumb and make an indentation in the center of each meat patty before placing them on the cooking surface.

I like to toast my buns before assembling the sandwiches. After toasting the buns I also like to slather them with melted real butter.

A slice of American Cheese product placed on the cooking meat 30 seconds before they are done is optional. I rarely ever make cheeseburgers.

Once the cooked patties are placed onto the toasted buns, place exactly Two slices of hamburger pickles plus one short squirt of yellow mustard and one short squirt of tomato ketchup or catsup (Your choice) onto each sandwich.


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