It is as simple as eating a piece of cake provided one pays attention. We are too busy to listen to his/her name with some other thoughts when we were introducing ourselves. Having said, we can not claim that we are not good at remembering names. We should realize that we never got the name in the very first place.

What makes us to pay attention?

“Becoming originally aware” of the current situation and “making association” of the things we are doing are the 2 elements required for developing attention that helps to become good at remembering names of the people we meet.

“Your eyes can not see and ear can not hear what your mind does not think”.

Novice Technique —

  1. First of all as a novice, you should have a strong desire to remember the names of the people you meet in both professional and personal life.
  2. Secondly. determine to shake hands when introduced and give your name and get your client’s name. If necessary you can spell it out. Even you can complement it.
  3. Thirdly, use his name 2 to 3 times at the appropriate places during your conversation with him/her, like isn’t so Mr/Mrs……….. Be careful not to overdo it.
  4. Finally, when you depart say nice meeting you Mr/Mrs.………. So and so before leaving without fail.

If you practice all these 4 steps, that will make you to be originally aware of your meet and force you to pay attention to his/her name. So you have all probability of remembering your client’s name you meet, at least for about 40 to 50% though not 100%.

Expert Technique —

In addition to the above technique, you can observe his/her face for some features such as a scar, mole, wrinkles, colour, texture and shapes of cheeks, ears, nose, eyes, eye-brows etc during the conversation. Also try to visualize the name of the person as a picture or associate the name with other person by the same name you know already. Link the picture of the name with the special feature of the face hilariously.

Let us see this technique with a simple example. A lady by name Appolina is introduced to you and you have observed that her ear lobe is bigger than normal. Appolina name suggests the picture of Apollo rocket sent to the moon. You can make a mental connection of Apollo rocket flying out of her big ear lobe and visualize it in the mind’s eye for few seconds.

It might be crazy and seems impossible in the beginning, but once you start practicing it becomes a habit in few weeks.

Before diving into real practice, observe my face from profile picture, select the most striking predominant special feature and connect it with a mental picture of my name you could come up with based on your experience. If you have done it, you will never forget my name again.

Knowing the names of the clients helped several businessmen to clinch the deal with them!!!

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