A Total Embarrassment

The Opinion Expressed Here Is All My own!

It started out when I posted J. K. Rowling’s reaction to our President pushing aside Montenegro’s Prime Minister Dusko Markovic in order to shove his way to the front of a crowd at the NATO meeting (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/jk-rowling-tiny-little-man-tweet-trump-shoves-montenegro-pm_us_59271d66e4b062f96a34f423) in which she called Trump “You tiny, tiny, tiny little man”. A good friend (and a Trump supporter) sarcastically responded “JK Rowling would know ?”.

I first responded to my friend “‘Tiny’ as in a small person — not in size; it might have been clearer if, after looking at him pushing the Prime Minister out of the way and then preening, she simply called him a bore and a bully — that was evident.

After writing that, however, I realized that I may have only clarified Rowling’s comment but had not indicated just how damaging I think that this man is to our nation — and my feeling has nothing to do with my distaste for the platform on which he was elected — so I wrote the following (which is edited here and somewhat expanded):

This is just a continuation of the constant embarrassment that this man is , — and it has nothing to do with Republican politics. I know that I would not agree with President Pence’s politics but, at least, he would be competent — he has served in Congress and been a governor; he knows how things work and he would not bumble us into war.

By now, I think it should be apparent that this man, Donald Trump, is so far in over his head that it is not only an embarrassment but a jeopardy to our position in the world and any hope for peace:
anyone who admittedly doesn’t read should not be President of the United States 
anyone who takes his information primarily from​ television (be it Fox or MSNBC) should not be President
 — anyone who attacks the press constantly instead of just doing his job (the criticism, fair and unfair, goes with the job) should not be President 
anyone who whines about how he is treated (worse that anyone? Obama was called a Muslim plant and was the subject of racist attacks and W was called an idiot and a moron and said to be behind 9/11) should not be President
anyone who constantly demeans opponents as “Little Marco”, “Lyin’ Ted”, “Crooked Hillary”, “Sleepy Jeb”, etc and refers to the respected head of a Federal Agency to a foreign government as a “nutjob” should not be President 
anyone who has such a “thin skin” that he constantly Tweets against critics in the middle of the night should not be President
 — anyone who won’t release his tax reports should not be President
 — anyone who won’t accept the weight of science on the environment or climate change should not be President
anyone who insults our allies while refusing to criticize our major adversary since World War II and chooses as his advisors those who lie about their dealings with the same Russia should not be President 
— anyone who ever talked about women in a demeaning “grab them by the pussy” manner should​ not be President 
— anyone who equates going to Military School with being in the Armed Forces (I went to Military School and was in the Army and there is a hell of a difference — and I never saw combat) or says “I know more about ISIS than our Generals” should​ not be President 
— anyone who never bothered to study the presidency before he came in or after he assumed office to understand that he is not solely in charge — that Congress and the Courts are equal branches of government to the President should​ not be President

 — finally, anyone who has constantly contradicted himself from the campaign on to the present (“No one will lose their health insurance” and as recently as ”why I fired Comey”, Versions 1, 2, & 3) should not be President

Some readers will, of course, disagree with some or many of these points but I think that an objective one will consider the preponderance of the points and agree that Donald Trump should not be President.

However, it’s too late! The Republican Party nominated him and we, collectively, elected him. As I see it, he can’t be impeached for just having this level of incompetence or being a constant embarrassment — so we are stuck with him unless obstruction, collusion, and / or financial irregularities show up from one of these investigations (and it seems almost unpatriotic to root for such a thing)!

Copyright John F. McMullen 2017