Dan Becker, Druggist and Entrepreneur on The johnmac Radio Show

My conversation with Dan Becker, druggist and entrepreneur (he just moved into a larger retail space with his robot prescription filler) and me for our conversation on this week’s episode of the “johnmac Radio Show” (the 152nd episode in the series) may be heard by clicking http://www.blogtalkradio.com/johmac13/2016/08/14/weekly on your browser.

Join Julian Dibbell, author & ex-Village Voice columnist, and me for our conversation on next week’s show (Sunday, August 2ist at 7:00 PM Eastern time) by clicking www.blogtalkradio.com/johmac13/2016/08/21/weekly-johnmac-radio-show on your browser and / or calling 646 716–9756 (to join us on the air, use the phone — I hold callers until near the end of my conversation with my guest)

The recordings for the previous 152 shows may be found under the Radio Show tab at my web home, www.johnmac13.com The guests include authors, technologists, academics, law enforcement officials, religious leaders, politicians, labor leaders and other parties that I find interesting.

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