Hanlon 2017 Benefit — Running Out Of Time — It’s On 3/11/17 (This Saturday)

The Henry Hudson Bridge From Inwood Park

Tom Hanlon, one of my close friends from the “old neighborhood” (Inwood at the nothern tip of Manhattan Island, New York City), is a person who constantly “gives back” to his friends — he shows up for every benefit and reunion, attends every wake and funeral, and never says a bad word about anyone. He does that, in spite of being a recovering alcoholic who, years ago, drank his way out of a big home and wealth. Worse, he and his wife lost their only son, Tom Jr. to a brain tumor at the age of 25 — a tragedy that could have jaded anyone and sent him back in the bottle.

Yet, Tom turned his personal tragedy into benefit for others. Every year, the Hanlons host a Saint Patrick’s Party (a “holiday” that Tom says that young Tom had a strong feeling for) and bear the expense for food and drink at a terrific Bronxville, NY restaurant. Near the door is a basket for contributions to “The Thomas P. Hanlon Scholarship Fund at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Grammar School (also in Inwood). Every year, the benefit raises in the neighborhood of $15,000 — $20,000 and provides scholarships for 4 or 5 new children who could otherwise not afford the tuition.

Children from the school, along with the principal, Andrew Woods (a real dynamo) attend the function each year and show videos on laptops of some of the school functions (such as maintaining a small triangle park at the corners of Broadway, Seaman Avenue, and Riverside Drive with a garden for the City of New York). The students are racially diverse, mannerly, and very impressive!

I do whatever I can each year to promote this event, not only for my affection for Tom but also because I believe in the mission of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs. This is the first year that I have taken to Medium for this effort and I hope that the appeal appeal strikes a chord with many who have never met Tom Hanlon.

The invitation that I send to friends from Inwood follows:

Hanlon 2017 Invitation

You are cordially invited (read as “commanded”) to attend the 11th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Party in memory of Tommy Hanlon, Jr. on Saturday March 11th from 12:00 Noon to 3:00 PM at

J.C Fogarty’s Town Tavern
60 Kraft Avenue (across from MetroNorth Station)
Bronxville, NY 10708
(914) 337–1122

Food and Drink provided by the Hanlons; there will be a basket for donations to the Thomas P. Hanlon, Jr. Scholarship Fund at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Grammar School.

Those unable to attend by reason of documented illness or incarceration in a penitentiary or other institution may send contributions to:

Mr. Andrew G. Woods
Thomas P Hanlon Scholarship Fund
Our Lady Queen of Martyrs School
71 Arden Street
New York, NY 10040