In Defense of Truth

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Linda Stasi wrote a scathing column in the New York Daily News about Roger Ailes on the occasion of his death. She has been since been roundly criticized in letters to the editor for not “having respect for the dead” and for “not considering his grieving family”.

I disagree with the criticism and have so stated in my letter that appears in today’s Daily News:

Give Linda A Break (not my caption but it’s fine)
 Jefferson Valley, N.Y.: The criticism of Linda Stasi’s comments on Roger Ailes are off-base and, at their heart, sexist. Would a eulogy for David Duke skip over his racism and dwell only on whatever accomplishments that he had during his life? Hardly — but the critics wish to ignore Ailes’ sexual harassment now that he is dead! Mention is made that Ailes’ family is still alive and deserves peace — well so do the women that Ailes demeaned and scarred, but they live on. Their treatment by Ailes should not be swept under the rug now just because he is dead. 
John F. McMullen”

The original Stasi column:
Shed no tears for sexist sicko Roger Ailes”

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