John McCain Is An American Hero

The Poet

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John McCain is an American hero;
everyone understands that, 
 everyone, that is,
 but the President of the United States.

McCain spent 5 ½ years in a Vietnamese prison.
Trump told Howard Stern
that he spent most of the Vietnam years
protecting himself from STDs.

McCain is respectful of his political opponents
and took a fan to task
when she called Barrack Obama a Muslim, saying
No, he is a good man with whom I disagree”.

Trump belittles his opponents, calling them
 “Little Marco”, “Lyin’ Ted”, and “Crooked Hillary”.
This bombast saves him from having 
 to know anything about the issues.

McCain was captured.
To Trump, that precludes him from being a hero.
Trump could not have been captured;
 his bad feet kept him here chasing women.
 Lindsay Graham understood the bill that he wrote
 and did not let McCain’s vote against it 
 diminish his admiration and friendship.
 Trump did not understand it but went on the attack.
 Graham and McCain understand that the debate is about policy.
For Trump, all debate is personal.
 The fact that McCain is fighting terminal cancer does not cause Trump to behave as a caring human person.

Trump stood in front of a rabid Alabama crowd
 and egged them on to boo
 an American hero with terminal cancer.
As has been said of others, “has he no shame”?

John McCain is an American hero,
that’s plain to see.
The President of the United States is a …
.. well, you decide!

Copyright 2017 John F. McMullen