Journalist, Author, Editor, Activist, Disability Advocate Patricia Washburn On The johnmac Radio Show

My interview on the Sunday, June 18th episode of the “johnmac Radio Show” with Journalist, Author, Editor, Activist, Cybersecurity Consultant and Disability Advocate Patricia Washburn, may be found at (there is a 1 minute glitch in the beginning of the show — the staff needed re-training after the two week vacation).

Patricia, a native of Massachusetts and a resident of Maine all her working life, describes herself as a “recovering journalist” and is presently completing a Masters in Cybersecurity. In her writing career, she has been a newspaper editor, the author of a book and the editor of others and a web designer. She is presently disabled due to lipedema, a hereditary disease. (

In spite of restrictions imposed on her by the disease, she has been a political activist and an advocate for the disabled, using her writing skills to organize activities and support for those causes important to her. An example is her MoveOn video about healthcare (

My conversation with Patricia was the 193rd episode in the series. Links to the recordings of the previous 192 episodes may be found under the Radio Show tab at my web home — My guest Sunday, June 25th will be psychologist and mentoring advocate Deborah Heiser, PhD. I hope you’ll join us then at 7:00 PM Eastern time by clicking on your browser on your browser and / or by dialing 646 716–9756 on your telephone (use the phone if you wish to join us on the air — I usually hold callers until near the end of my conversation with my guest).