My Conversation with Barbara Simons, PhD, ex-IBM Researcher; Former President, ACM; and Electronic Voting Expert

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My February 26, 2017 radio show discussion with Barbara Simons, PhD, ex-IBM researcher; former President, “ACM” (Association for Computing Machinery), and Electronic Voting Expert on the johnmac Radio Show is available by clicking

Barbara is Chairperson of the Board of “Verified Voting” 
( and is the co-author of “Broken Ballots: Will Your Vote Count?”, available on Amazon. She holds a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley and has served on Presidential Commissions on voting since the Clinton years.

Join me and my guest, freelance writer, editor, and ghostwriter Lora Ballance Hilty next Sunday, March 5th (7PM Eastern) by clicking and or by dialing 646 716–9756 on your phone (use the phone to join us on the air; I generally hold calls until near the end of my interview with my guest)

This episode of the show the show with Lora will be the 179th broadcast in the series — links to the recordings of the previous 179 shows may be found at under the Radio Show tab.

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