New Year’s Weekend Edition 2018 And An Announcement About The Newspaper

Happy New Year To All!

The newspaper, “johnmac’s news of the day”, which began as a daily in November 2014, later becoming a six-issue-a-week paper (daily Monday — Friday with a weekend edition), will undergo one more (and hopefully last) publication change, becoming a Weekly effective immediately (to be published on Mondays).

The reason for the change relates to the allocation of resources — for over the last three years, I have been the sole developer and producer of two rather time-consuming and non-revenue producing (they were always intended to be so, simply “labors of love”) activities, the weekly “johnmac Radio Show”, now at its 219th episode, and the newspaper. I have recently added another time-consuming, non-revenue producing activity when I was appointed Poet Laureate for the Town of Yorktown, NY, and, as I must also generate revenue to pay the bills through writing and consulting, I cannot support three such activities.

Of all the activities, the newspaper is the most constant time consumer, eating between one and two and a half hours (1–2 1/2) daily. Changing its publication to a weekly frequency allows me to decrease my workload dramatically, while continuing its production. I make this change reluctantly and only because it is necessary.

I thank all my readers and home that the weekly, slightly modified, edition will continue to meet your approval.


Copyright John F. McMullen 2018