Poet, Novelist, & “Trouble Maker” (Among Other Things) Terry M Dugan Was The 223rd Guest On The Weekly “johnmac Radio Show”

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Listen to my interview with poet, novelist, AIDS & sex researcher, and long time activist Terry M Gross by clicking http://www.blogtalkradio.com/johmac13/2018/02/19/weekly-johnmac-radio-show on your browser.

Terry. who “wrote before she could read” has been active for peace and social justice throughout her life, even being dismissed from a University of Texas graduate program for her activities (although she amassed three Masters Degrees). She followed her interests through careers as a magazine editor, freelance writer, AIDS & Sex Researcher before returning to poetry after a 30 year hiatus. She describes her poetry as “about people dealing with epidemics and wars and poetry engaging with the political turmoil of the 21st century”.

Her poetry has appeared in such publications as as Poetry Ink, Let the Poets Speak, The Space Between Us, The Anthology of New England Poets, Alimentum, Bellevue Literary Review, Women’s Studies Quarterly, and The New Verse News. Additionally, she has published fiction and nonfiction in anthologies and magazines including Fingernails Across the Chalkboard: Poetry and Prose on HIV/AIDS from the Black Diaspora, Inkwell, and A&U Magazine. Further, she has to read my poetry at the United Nations, Hudson Valley Writers Center, Moonstone Arts Center (Philadelphia), Hudson Valley Center for the Contemporary Arts, and Bowery Poetry Club. I read my fiction at Bread and Roses Gallery, Fordham University (her undergraduate alma mater), and on nytalkradio.net.

Join me and my next guest, writer, storyteller, and teacher Peter Andrews, on the 224th episode of the Weekly “johnmac Radio Show” (Sunday, February 25th at 7 PM Eastern) by clicking 
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