Sale of NY Daily News, Dreamers, Trump & Congress, North Korea, and more

Publisher of “johnmac’s news of the day”

The title of this article is the promotional blurb that I sent out today describing the current issue of “johnmac’s news of the day” (, my free daily (actually, six issues per week — one weekend edition) online newspaper.

The newspaper is a curation of articles and opinion columns from around the country and the world. It, like the “Weekly johnmac Radio Show” (, is produced as “a labor of love” and is non-revenue producing (actually, they both cost me money). Since both are quite time-consuming, I would like each to reach the widest possible audience so I hope that anyone reading this will click on the link above, examine the paper, and, hopefully, subscribe — Subscription results in one e-mail per day and, once again, it’s free.

I welcome any comments or suggestions to

Thank you — end of solicitation (which it is)

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