Two Newspapers? Why?

Readers may have seen the emergence of another “Internet newspaper” under my name this week. After receiving an invitation from a friend, Francine Hardaway, to subscribe to a new newsletter, hosted by “Nuzzel” which she was starting, I did subscribe and, after looking at hers, decided to do a trial one of my own. This new entity, “johnmac13’s Newsletter”, should I go forward, will be addition to my daily newspaper, “johnmac’s news of the day” ( which appears six days a week (five weekdays and a weekend edition).

The first day of the test, I simply let Nuzzel choose the material from “what my friends are talking about” and today, I spent an inordinate amount of time, double posting much of the same material to both papers to determine the amount of work required to post to each. Based on these early tests, I have decided to go forward with further testing under the following guidelines:

  1. The papers shall not be duplicates and shall generally not contain the same material. johnmac’s news of the day contains material that I select by examining a wide selection of publications and by reviewing what the host suggests from the subjects which I have provided as part of my set-up. The Nuzzel service provides suggested input from postings on newsletters maintained by “my friends” (including AOL founder Steve Case, Sherpa Intelligence LLC.’s Tracy Z. Maleeff, TweneyMedia’s Dylan Tweney, and the aforementioned Francine Hardaway).
  2. There will, as mentioned above, be little duplication between the two publications . The only pieces that will appear on both are columns that I have written or articles that I think are so important or well-written that they warrant such publication.
  3. johnmac13’s newsletter will have a focus on energy as well as global news and politics while johnmac’s news on the day will continue to focus on editorial and opinion, technology, politics, artificial intelligence & big data & machine learning, books, and arts & entertainment.
  4. The two publications will have independent subscriber lists — to subscribe to both, you will have to do so — or you may subscribe to either one independently.
  5. johnmac’s news of the day is published when I get through curating and editing the newspaper; johnmac13’s Newsletter will publish automatically at 12 Noon daily.

As some of you may be aware, The Westchester Guardian, the print and on-line publication for which I have authored 212 columns in the Creative Distribution series and numerous other pieces since 2011, will cease publication with its September 29, 2016 issue (I am currently looking for another paid platform). The publication of johnmac’s news of the day and, hopefully, johnmac13’s Newsletter (which are not paid endeavors) forces me to keep current on a wide variety of issues.

On a quasi non-related topic, links to the recordings of the 157 episodes to date of the “johnmac Radio Show” are available under the Radio Show tab at my web home,

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