Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for
Owen Williams

This is an excellent article, but if there is an Index of Forbidden Articles at Apple (that would fit the culture/cult) this will be on it. Apple will not listen, they’ve removed all customer listening devices from their corporate headquarters. I Imagine Apple will be demanding some upgrades (OS, eg) that will be so large that all old Macs will die of overeating. P.S. As a non-power user I bought a Mac Book (2010)mainly to avoid the constant annoyances from Microsoft, and the automatic “upgrades” that do not ask permission for installation; amd the idiot proof nature of using it. Since I now keep all my files on the Cloud I look forward to another crash where everything is wiped out and can’t be restored but the tech person will set up the old machine so that “it’s like new.”

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