What’s Next For Feathers?
Eric Kryski

You guys are amazing! Thank you for all the really hard work you put in. The docs you guys write are amazing. That said I would love to see more marketing\exposure for FeathersJS. It would be nice to see video tutorials on how to build a real time line of business app or other apps besides the chat app, or todo lists. I search youtube and I only find a handful of videos. Most of them are the SpaceDojo channel where I found you guys. I think maybe if you ever get to a time where you had a sec to breath, reaching out to codeschool, egghead, puralsight, etc tutorial sites and letting them know you guys are out there would be great. I know you guys are too slammed to make more tuts now, but maybe one of the major tut sites would. I know feathersjs is the best backend for node js apps, but most still have not heard of it.

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