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TRUMPCARE a new FREE GOVERNMENT VA STYLE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM option FOR CIVILIANS using the best of governments low cost advantages and the best smart, hard nosed business practices can cut a $trillion from last years $3.8trillion that patients, businesses, governments and taxpayers were forced to pay for ObamaCare and nobody in the US will ever again go without free government healthcare, medications, dental, eye care including glasses, elderly care weight loss, alcohol, drug addiction help or any other healthcare needs if they want to use free government healthcare.

In 2017 everyone in the US could have two choices for healthcare:

YOU PAY: Use your own money to purchase anything you want to buy from zillions of existing non government healthcare industry hospitals, health insurers, doctors, drug stores, medications or medical supply sellers.


FREE: GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE: select TRUMPCARE where all healthcare services and medications will be delivered to patients for free, no restrictions period for anyone living in the US. Simply delivering free healthcare eliminates tons of insurance, administration, overhead, profit and fraud costs.

A Free Government Healthcare System could be made available nationwide everywhere in 2017 by purchasing 30% of the existing public and private hospital businesses from willing sellers using $500billion of Fed and US Treasury money, like they used to bail out Wall Street, to be converted to Free TRUMPCARE to deliver all free government funded healthcare VA style to control quality and costs.


Where existing facilities can’t be acquired for reasonable prices A federal PRESIDENT TRUMP NATIONAL HEALTHCARE FACILITIES BUILDING EXTRAVAGANZA could build $500billion of new hospitals and healthcare facilities everywhere across the US on time and under budget maybe a TRUMPCARE WALMART CLINIC could be tacked on to every Walmart in America to be on call free for everyone in America 24/7 within months.

Publicly traded debt and equity could also be raised to fund the facilities.

Simple cheap sales tax collections could pay for free TRUMPCARE operations no insurance, no copay’s free period.

To control quality and costs no government funding should be paid to any insurance companies nor non government healthcare providers when TRUMPCARE is available close to you.

All costs or involvements could be eliminated for all people, businesses, local and states government’s.

Nobody has been able to come close to matching my VA’s low costs nor match the VA’s overall superior patient healthcare outcomes nationwide at any price.

All operating costs could be funded by collecting sales taxes form 50million tourist, 30million non citizen residents and everyone shopping in the US.

My Palo Alto VA Medical Center’s wonderful experiences have demonstrated to me for a decade that VA style healthcare for civilians, when competently managed, is the silver bullet for supplying compassionate and fiscally resposible healthcare for everyone who chooses to use a new free and unrestricted government funded healthcare system. Sales tax collections could provide the cheapest funding source, no insurance bloat or bs, phenomenally efficient risk spreads can be achieved and patients will love no copays and administrators will love the humanity, simplicity, freedom and lower net costs and the total elimination of public and private insurance costs or interactions.

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