How to Support the Modern Artist
Richard May

Richard, I agree with your point that digital art is valueless and the act of creation itself is invaluable. And “thinking like a dandelion” is an interesting metaphor.

We as artists can best stand out by creating ideas, which is to say, recombining old ones in ways nobody has ever seen before — and that requires patience, study, dedication and practice. These attributes will inevitably help you stand out. It may take a while; it may take decades; you may never attain to your own definition of success — but an artist needs to think beyond creating disposable art for the present. If people recognize that you’re doing more than creating for the moment, they will come to you. They will pay attention.

One of the current paradoxes of the world is that, to find an audience, you must either be extremely vapid and banal (think Kim Kardashian) or so unique that there’s zero, or near-zero chance that your work will be mistaken for someone else’s. In other words, anyone can become a bad artist in no time at all. Anyone can become a good artist if they put their backs into it.

Think like a dandelion but dream like a blue whale.

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