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Has anyone heard of Radical Christianity (RC)? Well, its radical in the same way as some Middle Eastern versions of Islam. RC has twisted biblical interpretations to include everything we see today, intolerance, hatred the whole bit. This is not real Christianity. The RC is infiltrating our government to spread its own agenda of intolerance. These nominees which are approved by the likes of David Duke, are an attack on real Christianity, on American Values, on our constitution. Radicalism is on the move in our world and it is finding a place to roust right here. These nominations are absolutely horrible! This Trump government is a con with big time wall streeters being nominated, with George Bush insider retreads, with many apparent conflicts of interest and with candidates who are clearly divisive. The American public does not want to live in the 1950’s and is not ready for even larger than usual repression. We are not all white and Christian. We never have been and don’t want to be. We don’t want nominees like Senator Sessions.