Funniest April Fool’s Jokes

April fool’s day is a national holiday celebrated in many countries across the world. While many jokes are practiced in our daily lives, April fool’s day jokes are only told on 1st of every April. Everyone loves to play pranks on their friends and have fun on this special day. People think of new and innovative ways to trick their friends on this special day.

If you are looking for some amazing ideas to trick your friends on the April fool’s day, we have some funniest April fool’s day jokes for you below:

1. Put sugar into the salt shaker.

2. Text your friends — tell them you lost your phone and ask them to call you.

3. Replace the contents of the hand-sanitizer with KY lubricant.

4. Saran wrap the toilet bowel. (oldie but goodie)

5. Use a rubber-band to close the lever on the kitchen sink sprayer. The next person to use the sink will get a surprise.

6. Print out a fun message and tape it to the bottom of your victim’s coffee cup

7. Fill glazed donuts with mayonnaise. Leave them out in the break room.

8. Take an empty paper towel roll. Get it wet, tear it up and squeeze it back together into the shape of a turd. Place appropriately.

9. Cut out a post-it note that fits under your victim’s mouse. Add appropriate message.

10. Find a co-conspirator. Connect an extension cord to a desk or floor lamp. Have your partner stand ready to plug it in and out nearby. Bring the victim into the room to show them your new voice-activated light. Make up a silly word that you use to turn on the light: “Ah Cheto On”. Explain that it there are still some bugs — sometimes you have to say the activation word loudly to make it work. Let your victim try it and be amazed. Encourage your victim to demonstrate your new voice activated light to the boss — watch them start yelling the activation word with no success.