Life as We Knew It
Chuck Mallory

Dad- I like your writings, but I want you to know that although Max isn’t here on Earth with us anymore, there is no way “Half of your results are gone” as a father. Yes, Max won’t be with us and we can’t see what he would’ve become in his adult life, but your hard work as a father lives on everyday through all the people Max impacted in his short time here. I feel it everytime I talk to Max’s friends. They are influenced and inspired by him and his spirit every day, as are you and I. There is no way that the mark Max made on the people around him will just fade away. If nothing else I won’t let it, and I know there are a lot of others out there that feel the same. It’s hard to deal with this, I know you are hurting still even if you don’t want to say. But please try not to think of it as you only have 1 son left or the work you did as a father with Max will just fade away, because Max was way too fucking special to not leave an impression on this world and those around him. His values, morals, work ethic, and just overall great demeanor inspired a lot of people, including me. That spirit will not fade, I promise. Try to keep your chin up dad, you are a great father and I love you.

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