Flying Foxes

Leicester City F.C are shocking everyone with their superb season

Well, at the start of the season we all had our choices of which team would be at the top end of the table. However, we didn’t really expect a team that was promoted to the premier league two seasons before to be having this ridiculously good run.

After 10 years of not being in the premier league and finishing in a respectable 14th place in their first season back at the top flight. Leicester City FC have exceeded most people’s expectation and managed to stay towards the top of the table throughout the season, beating the likes of; Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester city on the way.

After sacking the manager who kept them up in their first season back in the premier league Nigel Pearson, it wasn’t an encouraging start to the upcoming season, however securing the signing of manager Claudio Ranieri was a big statement which has payed off immensely.

Appointed Leicester City FC manager in the summer of 2015

which is why some people believe that the premier league is the best league in the world. Because with all respect how can a team like Leicester, with less money than the other teams still be competing at the top of the table and still challenging. It is as if Mr. Ranieri has given them the freedom to do what they want to do, and go out with no fear in every game that they play. Which is why they have impressed so many football fans.

Also, their star players this season have easily been Jamie Vardy that they bought from Fleetwood Town on the 18th of May in 2012 for an undisclosed fee and Riyad Mahrez that they bought from Ligue 2 side Le Havre in January 2014 for an undisclosed fee, which is reported to be around £400,000.

Riyad Mahrez (left) with Jamie Vardy (right)

However, some will argue that teams like Manchester city, Tottenham and Arsenal, with the quality they have. They should be ahead of them, with all due respect they don’t have as much quality in their team as them but they are still up there fighting for the chance to win the title and surprise everyone who thought that they couldn’t sustain it for this long.

If they were to drop points it wouldn’t be a surprise as most of their regular starters possibly could pick up injuries or build up fatigue. However, we will see how it goes and see which team comes out on top at the end of the season.