Leicester city football club are on the brink of shocking football fans everywhere, by winning the premier league for the first time.

Leicester city Football Club are on the brink of winning the Barclays Premier League

They have been absolutely amazing this season, having the highest win percentage so far of 62.86%. This is a massive step from last season as they only managed a percentage of 28.95%. They are also joint 2nd with the most clean sheets, with the likes of Manchester United and Manchester City.

At the start of the season it was unlikely that anyone would have predicted that Leicester City would be in contention or even win it, as this is only their second season back in the Premier League and they don’t have the money to spend like the likes of, Manchester City and Chelsea. However, against all odds, they are about to do it.

Leicester City are a fine example that if you have self-belief, with the mentality of planning to win every game you play, you can go far and achieve something great.

Leicester City have the chance of winning the league at Old Trafford on May 1st if they beat Manchester United. It will be an historic day for the club if they were able to do so.

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