Growing up, He-Man was probably my favorite cartoon on Saturday mornings. Not sure if it was because he lived in a castle or that he had a green tiger as his side kick. Regardless, He-Man has the best tag line of anyone fictional or real, “Master of the Universe”. I was thinking about putting that on my business cards and found it no quite fitting. My larger question is, ‘What did he have to do to become the Master of the Entire Universe?’ That’s some committed mastery!

There is a principle in leadership known as Self-Mastery. The concept goes like this- To become better at a large skillset, you must focus in and master one skillset at a time. Once you master that one skillset, you can then add another and master that. You then will gain momentum towards your goal. Gary Keller explains it well in this video.

“One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.”
— Leonard DaVinci

The the staring point to self mastery (and ultimately becoming the master of the universe is You and YOUR goals. Here are 3 Steps* to mastery.

1. Know your goals

There is a saying, “Clarity is Power”. The more clear you are with your goals the more connections are made between your mind and your actions. You may have a financial goal set to make $1m in the next 5 years. Great Goal, except, it doesn’t have the teeth you need to get your there. Revert back to your childhood and start to dream. What would you spend that $1m on? Would it be a beach house? Which beach? How many bedrooms? What color are the walls? What does it smell like? Do you have a leather couch? What size bed is in the master bedroom? How many pillows are on that bed? Do you see where I’m going with this- Know your Goals down to the finite details and make them real.

2. Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

This has to go down as one of the most annoying questions during an interview. There is a reason behind that question. It is less about the question itself than the knowledge you have of yourself. How well do you know what you are naturally good at and where you need work? Ok, go grab a peice of paper…I’m waiting…and on that paper, I want you to make a list of 10 things you can identify as your strengths. Hard, isn’t it? So much of our lives are spent in those natural strengths that we take very little time to step back and identify them. My challenge would be to choose one of those strengths and commit to mastering that activity. Are you naturally a great public speaker? What would it take for you to get to a level where someone would pay you $50,000 to come speak to their group. Do the same for your weaknesses and identify one weakness that, if improved, would leverage growth in other areas.

3. Make a Plan

THINK BIG! You have identified ONE area you want to become a master in, now think BIG. What is the end game with that goal? If it is lifting weights, what would it look like for you to enter a body building competition or to run a spartan race? If it is financial, what would it be like to have 20 rental properties and passive income enough to where you can CHOOSE to work. Start with the end and work backwards. Chop the plan down into monthly, weekly, daily goals then…this is the big part…add accountability. Either find someone who is equatly invested as you are or find a coach to help you push through.

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Self-Mastery is part of the leadership journey. Take things one skill at a time and I’m sure you too will be the ‘Master of YOUR Universe’ in time!

*Parts taken from 6 Personal Perspectives, KWU Keller Williams Realty Inc.