Is it OK that I love Missio’s “Middle Fingers”?

My kids don’t think so.

My kids, ages 11 and 14, hate my music and are very vocal about it.

Radiohead is weird.

Cage the Elephant is boring.

System of a Down is creepy.

And I swear to you my son said this when I played Blink-182 recently:

“Is this bad early aughts punk?”

God is he well read.

Because of my need to punish them for their disrespect, I like to subtly put on “my music” when the children are in the car with me. I tap the Pandora app on the sly and then time how long into the first song it takes before they are begging me for a boring podcast instead.

7 seconds is the max.

I tried this again yesterday as we were in route to my son’s orthodontist appointment. This time I picked a song I had just become aware of that morning and already loved.

It is this song:

Normally I am quick to thumb down a song or a band I don’t recognize but this song that appeared on my “My Chemical Romance” channel piqued my interest immediately.

And I’m now all in.

I found them on Facebook and liked them. The “like” count was low so I was even more psyched that I may have been in on them early.

I scoured all of their songs on You Tube. Very atmospheric and mesmerizing. I like.

There was no way the kids were going to shoot this one down like all of the others. This has to be closer to their style of music than anything I’d played for them before. Cool dad possibly?


While my daughter laughed at the “middle finger” concept, they both agreed that the song was weird and dismissed my excitement with offending harmonic giggles that still resonate with me as I type this.

There’s a fine line between remaining youthful at heart, yearning to be young again and being immature. I dabble in all three and no more so than when it comes to music.

The fact that I openly told you that I listen to Blink-182 was all that you needed to know to confirm this.

I could argue that the music alone pumps me up (Especially Travis Barker’s drumming) and provides a big energy boost while I’m working, but a 44 year old man shouldn’t be listening to lyrics that reference high school and the girl’s soccer team.

Now that I think about it, I’ve gone through a lot of mid-life questioning of late.

And now add one more item to that list of 10.

Am I allowed to like new music from young artists?

The guys in Missio appear to be very young, with very young people beards. They are an “alternative/electronic duo from Austin, Texas.” This is hip to the hippest degree. My demographic they are not.

But fuck that, yo. Music is music right? There is no age rule. If I have to watch Millennials wear Led Zeppelin t-shirts than I sure as hell can like music performed by kids half my age.

If music doesn’t keep you young, what else will?

I think I just talked myself into being OK with this.

This song is going to be big.

I love it.

Don’t fear it my fellow grown-ups.

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