Me too

If you’re not affected, you should be.

There is an initiative on Facebook for all women to post “me too” as a status update if they’ve ever been sexually assaulted or harassed.

Almost every woman I’m friends with on FB has posted this status.


Our friends, our sisters, our daughters, our moms, our teachers, our grandmothers, our wives.

It is fucking sickening.

The collective stories and the specifics are disgusting. Power trips, taking advantage of situations and thinking it was OK. Actions passed down from generation to generation.

We as men have failed. That includes me.

We’ve turned the other way. We’ve “stayed out of it”. We’ve become cynical when being cynical is never called for.

We need to change that. We need to actively educate our sons. We need to seek out the dirtbags and be brave.

Those dirtbags aren’t always recognizable. They are upstanding citizens, neighbors, coworkers, family members and friends. They don’t wear a dirtbag name tag.

We need to be detectives and quick to action. We need to head up the charge and make it our responsibility.

Stop the bullshit asking why the women didn’t come forward sooner.

Remove “boys will be boys” from the lexicon.

Be a role model.

Be explicit and don’t assume the message has been delivered.

Be angry and don’t rely on others to solve it.

Ask questions. Seek answers.


Make it a priority.

Keep nudging and persevere.

Redefine the meaning of man.

We need to start an “I did” revolution.

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