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Planting a bulb

A reflection.

Planting a bulb is the exact opposite of immediate gratification.


Planting a bulb requires that there be snot dripping from your nose.

Or tears from your eyeball.

Planting a bulb is glass half full.

Preferably a red.

Planting a bulb is a riddle wrapped in imagination.

Never to be mastered.

Planting a bulb is followed by the empty bag blowing away in the wind.

And caught in the bare branches of a deciduous shrub.

Planting a bulb requires a bodily ache.

Or three.

Planting a bulb is the final stamp on your Gardener’s bingo card.


Planting a bulb insists it be in odd numbers.

Visually appealing.

Planting a bulb kicks off hibernation.

Nearing the end.

Planting a bulb goes well with a stout.

Preferably an oatmeal.

Planting a bulb never gets old.

Rite of passage.

Planting a bulb is the end and the beginning.

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