Ten Years of Worthless Side Projects
Zach Dicklin

Hi Zach,

Your new family will be the best thing that happens to you. Enjoy your new baby as it will bring you much joy.

Your post was great. People say that ideas are cheap. They are not, most people don’t have ideas. They tend to borrow. You have had ideas and will have more. I think your projects are somewhat vertical (tubing). Expand your new ideas to be more horizontal reaching a broader market of people. Also what do YOU need or want? With my ideas, I would be my own best customer.

People also say that execution is king. You have executed by completing and putting out product. That is a skill that many of us do not have. A major plus for you as well. That is two pluses for you.

Moving forward, only work on projects that are quick and won’t take up too much time from family. Services for customers? Can you whip up a Wordpress prototype in two hours to visually demo a web concept and make an easy $100-$200 or so? If so, I would be your best customer (well, within the limits of a retired full-time babysitter grandpa). Charge for your services and limit the complexity and time of projects, I suppose.

Finally, yes a collaborator and team would be helpful.

Your post reminded me of myself (“idea” guy) trying to do everything myself. We know ideas are the “easier part.” Execution is almost impossible without a full team and money.

WHEN can you do personal projects? There is never enough time and energy to get things done. When working full time in your typical “day job,” the 40–60 hour weeks and commutes limit your energy. Your family and getting outside for a walk will require time (do this). As for myself, being older and the retired babysitter, the beautiful grandkids occupy your love and energy. Being with your family is still the winning choice, though your creative ideas will still burn through your soul. Do both.The key then is balance. Enjoy your family and raising your children. They will give you project ideas. Work on projects where you can charge a little money. Thanks for sharing.