December 3rd

One of my lifelong dreams is to have a restaurant name a dish after me. It just seems so cool.

Look, let’s be real here, there are like 15 dishes I would love to have named after me, but this one I’m going to try and go all-out with.

Burgers are one of my favorite meals, I could never get tired of them.

Recently, I’ve started to go out on more of a limb when trying new burgers at places. Ones that have different toppings or flavors than you would normally imagine.

Look, burgers are great, don’t deny it.

While my burger may not be the craziest, you know it would be tasty.

To start off, the main part of the dish would be a 8 ounce burger cooked to a perfect medium-rare. On the burger would be 4 ounces of short rib meat. Sautéed onions, bourbon barbecue sauce and melted cheese would top it off. All of this on a freshly baked kaiser roll to keep in all the wonderful flavor.

On the side, buffalo fries. For the most part, those consist of hardy, but not too crunchy, french fries with buffalo sauce and gorgonzola cheese all mixed in together.

Look, I know this isn’t the craziest meal out there, but it sounds like something I could definitely eat everyday.