December 5th

If some guy randomly came up to me on the streets and said that he had a magic potion that would heighten one sense, but dull the rest, would you take it?

I mean, I would.

Well, here is the catch. The only time I would take this would be if the sense that was hightened was my taste.

I feel like tasting better would open a whole world of options for me.

First of all, food is awesome and tasting more of it would be great. But that isn’t even the biggest reason I would choose to raise my sense of taste.

It would be a great ability to have in order to become a food critic.

Being able to travel and taste all different kinds of foods seems like it would be wonderful. My biggest problem is that I don’t have an easy time distinguishing why I like the food that I like. It’s a jumble but it tastes great.

If my sense of taste was even better, I should have the ability to distinguish flavors in a way that I can’t do now. I would be able to taste things that I could never taste before, allowing me to better describe what I am tasting and why I enjoy it.

Mostly, it’s really just an excuse to eat a bunch of good food.

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